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FunderHut is a community-oriented crowdfunding platform for creating, funding, and improving our communities. We focus on:

Small Businesses

Our team based our platform around community since we believe it sculpts who we are as people. We took the elements that make up a successful community, and created an easy-to-use fundraising platform, making it easier than ever to raise money online. Come meet the team

The process




Users post projects on FunderHut that need funding

They share the project, asking for funding & building awareness

If project reaches goal, a dream comes true

Signing up and launching a campaign is quick, easy, and 100% free

We've made it simple to share and track your entire campaign

Funds collected are used on the project goal & we have a success story!


What is the difference between a fixed and variable project?

If a fixed project doesn't reach its goal by the time it reaches the end of its campaign, funds are returned to the contributors. For a variable project, funds are kept by the project creator regardless of the amount raised.

How many project can I fund?

It's up to you! The possibilities are endless!

What kinds of campaigns do people have?

FunderHut was developed with you in mind. Any project that needs funding can be turned into a fundraising campaign (as long as our user guidelines are respected).

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