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We're your fundraising platform

Creating your online fundraising campaign is simple and free, and there is no application process. Start raising money today for your small business, nonprofit, community, or personal cause.


Raise funds for any cause

We allow projects for virtually anything, whether it's for your business, a charity, a creative endeavor, etc.


Signing up and starting a project is free

Signing up and creating a project is absolutely 100% free, & there is no application process.


Two funding options

Added flexibility offering either an all-or-nothing (fixed) or a keep-what-you-raise (variable) fundraising campaign, depending on your project type.


Tools to create, share, & monitor

You'll have all the tools you need in your campaign dashboard to create your campaign, share it with your network, and monitor it every step of the way.


Our full support

A member of our team will be available for you throughout your entire campaign, from start to finish.


Be a part of something larger

Crowdfunding isn't just about fundraising, it's about building awareness and an active following of supporters.

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