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Dear Friends and Family:
        I have signed up to go on a trip with Volunteers Around the World to the Dominican Republic in December over my winter break for two weeks. It is a medical trip where we will get to work alongside doctors in a hospital taking care of patients. That will fill up the first week of the trip, and on the second week we will learn how to educate elementary school kids in basic nutrition and first aid, and we will be able to pick a research project topic out for the remainder of the trip. We will also be able to explore the Dominican Republic by doing some fun things such as water rafting, zip lining, or exploring the sites.
        I am so excited about this trip, as it is my first study abroad experience, and medical in nature, and I have from now until December to fundraise for it. I will also be fundraising in different ways with people from Loyola that are going on the trip. For the school fundraising, the first $2000 goes toward buying the medical supplies that we will need to bring with us, and all the money that we raise after that will be equally distributed between the students going. Right now, that is about 15 of us, although others could sign up for it to bring our number closer to the maximum of 25 people that can go.
        All of the money that I save for the trip will be put directly into a safe account on funderhut.com and be used to pay for the trip, which will cost about $2,500. This includes buying my plane ticket, and it covers room and board and all meals for the two weeks. Any extra beyond that would go toward spending money for exploring the Dominican and other travel expenses. The link to my funderhut account is Funderhut - the first community-oriented crowd funding website
        I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn new medical techniques, work with patients, and become more fluent in Spanish, all of which I will be practicing in the upcoming year. Any support that you can give me toward this trip would be much appreciated, as the road toward medical school is a long and expensive one, and experiences like this one keep me motivated and open my eyes to the world, and all of the people that I am looking forward to helping in the future. Thank you in advance for your help!
                                                                           Keila Buthman

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