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For many, graduating from school, college or university can feel like a liberation from the relentless and tedious need to bury their head in a book, journal article or paper. It’s true, to some extent, that your scholarly life is over when you leave education, but that’s not to say there’s not an incredible amount of value in being well-read and well-attuned to current affairs and industry-specific developments that might hamper or boost your company down the line. Here are some examples of reading that anyone serious about their role in business should conduct, for their personal growth and for the growth of their company.


Current Affairs


From planning against a drop in currency markets due to political activity to responding to new and emerging technologies as they appear on the market, being on top of current affairs in business gives you an edge. As simple as picking up a newspaper with your morning coffee, or as intricate as negotiating through the many unique and interesting avenues of expert internet dialogue and discussion, getting clued up on happenings in the world will prompt creative ideas that will put you in-step with the elites.


Industry-Specific Publications


The best-known publications that focus on businesses are of course financial magazines, pamphlets and newspapers. Elsewhere, though, there’s app development journals, medical reviews, communications forums – a constant circulation of information about competitors’ breakthroughs and market fluctuations that are incredibly useful to be knowledgeable about. Subscribing, for instance, to a Law Firm Newsletter like that offered by Lawbiz will update you on all you need to know about the inner workings of this specific area, and that knowledge will translate into power down the line.


Academic Journals


To get right to the cutting-edge, to where the most advanced, most forward-thinking minds in academia are working, you’ll need to get access to journals that you can either access over the web or have posted directly to you. They’re a little more expensive thana newspaper, but you’re drinking your water from source here.Journals are the place where the most nourishing information is to be found – the sort that’ll help you make business adjustments to oncoming phenomena or investments in areas that the experts predict to soon be on the up and up.




Many might snort at the assertion that they should pick up a novel in order to enrich their business lives, but that would be to underestimate the unique ways in which reading prose can influence our thoughts. In a basic sense, reading is calming and self-educational as well as fun and engrossing, given the right book. The symbols contained in literature can also speak to you in a particular way about humanity, competition, hubris and risk-taking, which might, in fact, inform your future business decisions.


It’s time to dust off those reading spectacles and get stuck into some of the reading listed above: you’ll not only gain valuable insights into the world, but you’ll find your mind more switched-on and receptive to the little things that often go unseen in business.

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