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Financial independence basics

Though what most people think, your home is not an asset. It is a burden simply because it takes out amount from yours on every single month.

  • Speculation - Most of the people buy homes or flats they alive in expecting that the home values will becomes high in time. I recognize it might growth and they should think that they are becoming richer. They also think that this is a best way to save a peaceful retirement. In fact, They not only get richer, when they having their own property, they will be falling real cash on repairs, maintenance costs , house taxes and upgrades etc.
  • Pride of ownership - Most of the people dream their own house. They agreed it as their main goal and wish to complete it as soon as possible. They will also go to pay whatever costs it takes to create their dream to come true. Because the happiness of ownership is overrated. You don't require to own a home to become fulfilled. Being prompted by this prevailing pride of ownership decrease your journey to financial independence. It also controls the number of options you could work instead.
  • "Comfort" - Having own house may look to all as an opportunity that is convenience. You have a options to design and progress your property. There is no land owner. There is no worry of having to move. They choose to embrace various chances; they do not wish to get tight in one place because it provides an illusion of comfort.

Purchase where you rent and begin building

  • Location - When you purchase to rent, your freedom to select an area of the possession is not affected at all by your personal choices. You can pursue the golden rule of possession investment which is: in real estate, location. It will help you to remove many risks and improve your ability to make more money.
  • Leverage - when purchasing to rent you have biggest opportunities to influence your purchase. Most of the cases banks or institutions with no money down, it means completed cash on cash return.

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