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Optimised Video Content

Video content is nothing new, however, a rising new trend of optimized video content is emerging that will most likely dominate in 2018. There are several factors driving the increased need for video content. Web users have always been highly visually oriented. They like to look, rather than read. Also, more and more users are now browsing the web on handheld devices, which have smaller screens suitable for watching videos than reading.


The younger generations prefer to watch videos anyway. Generation Z, for example, spends over two hours each day typically watching YouTube. There’s great demand for video content, and sites like YouTube are proving to be great channels for reaching particular segments of buyers. So, marketers should learn right now how to best optimize videos to remain competitive in 2018 and beyond.

Hyper-Local Search

Google is going local, a move the company made in the past two years. As online search is becoming ubiquitous on handheld devices rather than computers, local search is gaining prominence. Say, for example, a tourist is searching for restaurants in the middle of Melbourne. Google is geared up to cater to the user’s intent. That is to say, show up restaurants in Melbourne rather than in the original country. Marketers should brace themselves for local keyword research to take advantage. Businesses can get better returns on marketing money by hiring local contractors, like SEO Company Melbourne for an Aussie business.

Immersive Marketing

Remember the widely successful Pokemon Go? The augmented reality app has fundamentally changed the game of marketing and business. Following the success of the app, more and more companies are jumping into augmented reality content or rather immersive marketing. This is a type of marketing where the customer is not told or shown to buy anything, but rather interacts directly with a brand.

For example, the Art Institute of Chicago recently promoted a Van Gogh exhibition by creating a virtual tour of Van Gogh’s most famous work. Red Bull marketed the energy drink to young buyers by creating a snapshot filter available during the college and high school finals week in America. Potential buyers could take a virtual sip of Red Bull during their Snapchat conversations during the stressful examinations week. Both campaigns were highly successful and even made news stories. Expect more of these in 2018.


If marketing material and content is not personalized, it’s hardly viable anymore. Potential customers are often bombarded with various marketing emails and messages, so they are more discerning than ever. Personalisation is the key towards increasing customer engagement with promotional emails, texts, and other material. In 2018, marketers should expect to up the game personalization.

There’s also chatbot marketing, and mobile-first approaches are also becoming popular. As smart home gadgets become more widespread, marketers should expect new ways to advertise on voice-controlled AI programs as well.



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