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For many businesses, the best way to create an online presence is to create a website and leave it at that. If you are one of them, you are going to be very disappointed with the number of visitors your website will be getting. While making a website is important, promoting it in different ways is equally important and requires an entirely well-planned website promotion marketing strategy to be designed and implemented. However, if you find it hard to fit this task in your budget, here are some ways you can promote your website for free:

Site Optimisation

One of the best and easiest ways to market your website is by optimising it for search engines. This is done by adding keyword-driven content to your site, which makes your website rank higher on search engines and makes it easier for people to find it. In case of using non-text content, you can add an ALT tag to add keywords that are readable by the search engines.

Affiliate Link Building

Another way to get your website promotion done is to provide links to it on other websites. More importantly, if you link your site to another one that ranks high on search engines, you can substantially improve the ranking of your own site as well. There are several high-ranking sites that offer affiliate marketing services to new sites in return for different non-monetary benefits.

Blogging and Content Writing

Another very common way that can be used for website promotion is creating content either for your own site or for other sites that allow guest posts. This content, when optimised for search engines appropriately, can give your business exposure, allowing you to post a backlink to your own website. However, it is important to remember that the content you are creating is relevant, up-to-date and of value to your readers.

So make sure you are taking enough steps to promote your website if you want to drive traffic to it. A little of your time and effort can boost the performance of your site to a large extent.

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