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About this project

uP inc.


Mission Statement:

Use locally raised funds to create high-quality, limited edition-
designed clothing, inspired by local artists to capture the essence of Chicago, its people, and our
human spirit. Every item of clothing printed will reflect designs that have been made in very limited amounts. My intention is not to simply make clothing with designs on it, rather it is to make wearable art!

Currently, I am working with another company to digitally print the designs to ensure high quality standards are met. However, I need to expand my operation and still need to create
a website with an online store. To make this possible, I am looking to raise $4,000 to put forth towards creating my website as well as to cover the
costs of printing i.e. ink, labor, and materials. I have already invested a alot of my own money into getting original, unique, and awe-inspiring designs but ultimately need your help to make this dream reality.


Goal: $4,000

 your front design



"uP" is a mom-and-pop operation, proud to start out of an apartment in Chicago, Illinois. uP wants to produce hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts, along with other types of clothing such as female leggings, tights, and underwear for both men and women.

There would four different sizes and an array of colors to choose from. Along with the
clothing the customer chooses, there would be multiple galleries of original designs to select
images from (all created by local artists who are trying to make a name for themselves, non the less very talented). uP will work
directly with these local artists, but hopes are to eventually expand to other cities across the world, printing art made by talented artists whose creations are begging to be seen.


"uP" will provide three different categories of clothing to choose from:


• The “general gallery” which will be incorporate unique designs but printed with
no quantity limit in mind.

• The second will be a more “limited edition section” with designs that will be sold
on a first come first serve basis (designs being constantly updated). The designs
printed may only have 20 editions, while others can have more such as 50. We do
not intend on exceeding 100 and the more editionas a version of design has, the
cheaper it will be. I.e. prints with 20 editions will cost more ($40-50) per t-shirt
and ($50-75) for hooded sweatshirts. Prints with 50 editions will be cheaper ($25-
35) for t-shirts, and ($45-65) for hooded sweatshirts; and so forth (prices to be

• Finally there will be a third section with “one-of-a-kind” designs that will be
printed on one clothing item (1 hooded sweatshirt or 1 t-shirt, depending on
which would work better for the design) that will be available to solely for one
purchaser. These exclusive items would be priced the highest ($50-70) for t-shirts,
($85-120) for hooded sweatshirts and would be updated once a week for people to


Contributions to society:

As a struggling philosophy student who graduated and practices behavior therapy with
autistic children, I realize the importance of staying open minded. Inspired by those who see the world in a different way, I plan on running contests for autistic artists to create designs because their abilities are almost always underrated. I also have an unwaivering respect for this beautiful city and plan on working to help the community by providing work for both graphic designers, freelance artists, as well as giving people with special needs the opportunities they might not otherwise have.



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