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People (both men and women) choose to bulk up for different reasons and at different times of the year, although for most people it makes sense to bulk during the colder winter months and then cut during the summer. Building is the process of building muscle but as it involves a calorie increase, it often also leads to a small amount of fat gain. What this means is that when it comes around to cutting, all you have to do is shake off the excess fat and be left with a lean and muscular physique to show off at the beach. Bulking needs to be done properly in order to get the proper balance of fat and muscle gain and to ensure that your body continues to get the nutrients that need to be healthy. Taking supplements such as Isowhey is one option but this needs to be combined with a number of additional methods.

Focus on your diet

Diet is of the utmost importance when it comes to bulking because you need to be providing your body with the necessary nutrients in order to efficiently gain muscle. You will need plenty of protein such as chicken, fish and eggs but also carbohydrates as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. You will be eating more than normal, as your body needs plenty of calories and energy in order to build the muscle.

Protein and Isowhey supplements

Protein is the most important nutrient required for building muscle so many people who are bulking opt to take additional supplements as well as a protein-rich diet. Isowhey is one example of a protein product, which can make bulking up a great deal easier.

Timing of meals

Eating meals at the right time of day including post-workout is also very important. Remember that it is whilst your body is at rest, after having trained that muscle mass is built so you need to make sure your body has plenty of energy in the form of calories during this time.

Increase calories and reduce cardio

As well as increasing calorie intake you will want to limit your cardio work out and this will burn the calories faster, which means they aren’t being used to build muscle. The cardio works out will come later during the cutting stage.

Get plenty of rest

It’s during sleeping hours that your body recovers, develops and grows and this includes building new muscle mass. Make sure you get enough down time in-between workouts to truly reap the benefits.

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