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Top 5 online Pharmacy Blogs

Nowadays maximum people like to buy their medicines online because of hassle-free option of online pharmacy.But you have to search genuine licenced pharmacy over the internet also you have to collect the proper information about the drugs.You may follow some reputed pharmacy blogs.There are many pharmacy-related blogs out there, but who has the time to keep up with every single one, or figure out which ones are useful and which ones aren’t?

1.Canada Drugs Direct

Canada Drugs Direct is a licensed Pharmacy and is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.This pharmacy is the safest and certified pharmacy that will help you to find an affordable price while looking for medicine online. They are legitimate Online Canadian pharmacy serving US residents.You can get the best information about your drug because they describe their every product properly on their blog.

2. Med Ed 101

Med Ed 101 is tops if you are looking for some “free education.” Case studies, board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS) information, and other resources are plentiful and free. I especially like the Top 5 Posts Of All Time.

Med Ed 101 has been acknowledged in the Wall Street Journal, Pharmacy Times, and the American Journal of Nursing, among other publications. And, a robust list of regular contributors and occasional guest posts help keep the content fresh.

3.The Honest Apothecary

The Honest Apothecary offers a candid look at the retail profession and covers more than just prescription drugs. Other topics include faith, leadership, OTC medications, and news.

Interviews with other pharmacy professionals also make for particularly interesting reads. Bonus: The author, Jason Poquette, has more than 14,000 Twitter followers and has been known to personally thank those who retweet him!

4.The Digital Apothecary

For musings on all things pharmacy and digital, look no further. Recent topics include mHealth, wearable health devices (Fitbit, anyone?), and pharmacy apps.

Written for technophobes and technophiles alike, The Digital Apothecary will tell you all that you need to know about the latest and greatest in pharmacy tech with a dash of humor.

5. The Blonde Pharmacist

The Blonde Pharmacist is a very active blog that provides a wealth of expert BCPS resources for readers who are looking to pass the BCPS exam.

In addition to clinical pharmacy posts, The Blonde Pharmacist covers career topics and kicked off the New Year with a very interesting personal study on distractions!

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