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im a recovering addict with 17yrs clean in our community helped many with addictions and helped homeless addicts transition into a better pathway i do service work in our community feed the hungry. lead others to services that can help them im a recovery coach in training been a student of the bible for 25years. im adopted from mass originally my life is all about reaching the lost and suffering addict to give back to others in need.this isnt about me but about helping troubled teens addicts christians everybody who wants a better environment in there community.and literature on recovery resources to help them plus offer education on recovery related material this isnt just about a building or another hangout club i want this to benefit humanity help those who have no where to go build healthy relationships, with others.and a fun safe place to go.have workshops recovery coaching training if this is a success id like to open a house to help addicts stay clean have structure in there life be productive in there community.give back pay it forward thats were the money will go towards those in need have a movie night special holiday meals.live music.prayer meeting to help familys in need.aa meetings local dances all money raised will go for the club and help addicts locally and beyond.i see a need here so thats why i am starting this.and we are a non profit under sober threads my church  we are all about helping others in our community raising awareness on this life and death threat thats killing young people everywhere. we need to brake these chains of insanity. my heart bleeds for people who suffer this disease called addiction for battered women sick people need a safe environment to find hope in an uncertain world.it will be a spiritual based club who puts jesus first no judgements a judgement free zone lol. narcan training classing on everything  and for all who help this project get off the ground a donor gets a plack in there name recognizing them as having contributed in this worthy cause. may god richly bless you in everything you do. 

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