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 I have been facilitating growth in individuals that allow me to be humbly honored as a witness of their breakthroughs and awakenings. This one on one work really ables me to become familiar with the subtlies of change and reward. 

This shared space is entirely important and irrefutably invaluable, it is a sacred space that we allow presence of mind and thought to be still for moments in our busy lives.  I would like to be able to continue this shared path and become certified in teaching Thai Massage so I can bring forward this passion amongst many and witness these breakthroughs with a group.  From December through April of 2014 there is a program run by SUNSHINE SCHOOL OF THAI MASSAGE that is able to make this vision possible in Chiang Mai, Thailand! I am offering discounted rates for certified programs I will be running when I return from my studies as a way to fund this opportunity. I only ask you to believe that I will be an amazing teacher for you when I return and give the most awesome massages that will make you melt with love and compassion. If that is the case, then perhaps you won’t mind paying forward for these 75% discounted workshops that will be a one-time rate for when I return to share my studies and massage packages.  My goal is to reach $4,000 for class and stay by November for the training, food, and stay. Together, we can all succeed if we choose love first.


You are so blessed.

Infinite Love and Gratitude


For more information on my programming that I will be running in May please email me  @ Brookwoolf@gmail.com

I also will be hosting small dinner parties, one large fundraiser in November, and small mindfulness classes up until my departure all to fund this educational journey. 

NEXT CLASS SEPTEMBER 28th 3pm-6pm @ Be Optimal in Glenview, IL .... Self Care and Self Massage: Open to all skill levels $25 

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