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Nowadays, online gaming is all the buzz, with new games released by the day. 2020 is said to have a lot in store, as advances in technology have driven game development like never before. Gamers can expect to see a slew of all those innovations, including games with integrated AI, Virtual Reality games, and alas, a much-needed upgrade to sports betting. 

Gambling Games

The games you’ll find in online casinos fall into a few categories. Don’t let that bore you, however, as each class is bound to have several versions to choose from. Among the most popular are:


Known for their fast-paced play, slots are the most played game type in online casinos. Most of the top providers in the gambling business, like Microgaming and EGT, put most of their effort into slot development, releasing new games with the best that technology has to offer. 

Table Games

Known as the most classic type of gambling activity, table games, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are featured in most online casinos. Though there is not much variation in rules, developers are always looking for some unique edge that will set their version apart from others and give players something new to try. 

Live Dealer Products

The newest of the new, live dealer games stream dealers in online casino with slot machines, thus giving players a chance to interact with the dealer from the comfort of their homes. As technology advances, the video gets crisper, and options expand, creating more interactive and real-life gaming in the process.

Developing a Game

So, what does it take for developers to create and release a game? It is a long process, but fun in the end. We’ll break it down step by step to show what goes into game development starting at the drawing board. 

1. Brainstorming. Ideas are passed around by a team of innovators that are on a mission to create something new and fresh that gamers have never seen before. It is a fun but labour-consuming process as there are so many things to consider. Every detail and aspect of the game is born here; then a more technical part begins. 

2. Creating a Prototype. This is just the beginning, but it requires developers to create a mini-version of the game. It will be promoted and shown off to larger companies and investors in an attempt to get the proper funding for the production of the full product.  

3. Coding. Then comes the tech-heavy part, calling for gamers to code away. It may seem like the part that takes the longest, but with proper planning, coding can be streamlined better and get more structured. It is usually done by a team of coding experts, who have experience in gaming software development. 

4. Testing. Then comes the time to test the product. Developers and friends get a chance to try the game out, giving it thorough feedback to make sure that any errors are spotted. Once the kinks are discovered and fixed, the game is tested one final time to make sure that it works appropriately and suits the developer’s standards. 

5. Release. Now is the time for release. If all the steps above have been properly executed, then this one is a piece of cake. By this time, anticipation has been built up, and the marketing team has caused a flux of gamers that are anxious to play and casinos that are ready to make it a part of their game portfolio. 

All this is much easier said than done, as the list we provided was just a brief overview of the long, tedious, and very expensive development process. The next time you try out the latest and newest releases, just think about all that went into it and imagine what developers have in store next.

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