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You may not know me personally, but I can tell you right off the bat that we have something in common. Like you, I have a vision.

My name is Karishma and I am currently an undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Anthropology, double-minoring in Biology and Spanish while pursuing the Pre-medicine track. Having just spent my semester abroad in Rome at Loyola University Chicago's John Felice Rome Center, I have returned to my home, in the suburbs of Chicago as a completely different person.

I have been exposed to much more of the world and have learned more than any textbook could have ever taught me. Yet, I have now received this thirst for knowledge and this passionate drive to continue my travels. I have been given the incredible opportunity of being an Atlantis Fellow for the Atlantis Project (see http://atlantis-project.org/.) What this means is that I have earned the opportunity to work with other pre-health undergraduate students for a 5-week summer program at the Canary Islands (Spain.)  Atlantis Fellows intern at local public hospitals,  get to see the European healthcare system from the inside, improve language skills, and contribute to the community by teaching English to local residents — all of this in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  

Like the last piece of the puzzle fits perfectly into the picture, being an Atlantis Fellow fits perfectly with my educational and professional goals. Growing up as a child, I have dreamed of being nothing less than a doctor and serving in the field of healthcare.

After having studied abroad in Italy, the experience has by far, exceeded my expectations of what I expected study abroad to be like. Travelling has opened my eyes and made me realize how small I am in relation to what is out there in the world; it gives me an entirely new perspective relative to the different cultures, customs, traditions and ambiance that Europeans live in and follow. I believe this is an extremely important quality to have as a doctor because it gives you several different perspectives and forces you to use your brain in ways in new ways. This opens up different ways of thinking, which in turn leads to several different approaches and potentially means new innovative ways of medicine. Simply being exposed to healthcare in the United States is not enough if we want to expand our horizons and change the face of medicine.

And so, this is why I believe being an Atlantis Fellow fits seamlessly with my educational and professional goals. It fulfills my impulse to continue travelling whilst concentrating on something I am deeply passionate about: medicine. Being an Atlantis fellow doesn’t just fit with my goals, it is essential to molding me into the best doctor that I can possibly be in the future.

While this is an incredible opportunity and would give me the sustained grass root experience I need for my future successes in the medical field, I am in dire needs of funds to turn this fellowship from a possibility into a reality. The program fees are $5,495.00 and include:

• Core experience (Hospital placement and coordination, English-teaching placement and coordination)
• Language and seminar tuition (including reading materials)
• Housing
• Local staff support
• Welcome and orientation
• Teacher training session for Fellows teaching English
• Transport
• Meals: weekday breakfasts and five other group meals per week
• Wi-fi access
• Local cell phone and SIM card (Fellows pay for the cost of calls, and incoming calls are free)
• Airport pick-up and
• Dedicated pre-trip support 

So like you, I have a vision. I aspire to one day change the face of medicine just as you have gone above and beyond in your field of work. Contributing to my fellowship is not a short-term donation, it is a long-term investment for the future of medicine. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration, 

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