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The Reason: Not enough Resources to provide Rescued Animals

This Shelter was founded by the group of people 3 years ago, who felt responsible to help abused and abandoned animals. So far, this is the only one in our town,which located in Siberian town/ Russian Federation, where animals are not protected by law and just a little amount of money being given by the government to support animal shelters. It is not even enough to provide animals with the food.We manage to find one restaurant in the area where we can buy unwanted food.Approximately $3 are spent to feed one animal per week. We already have our own veterinarian, but we don't have enough medical resources to treat. Another problem that we have is severe weather. The temperature in the winter time could drop down to -49F. Most of the dog booths are outside and not heated. In the heated building we keep cats,puppies and very sick animals only, due to space limitation. We don't put them asleep and do the best to find them new families.We are very proud that 23 dogs and 24 cats were adopted last year.  73 dogs and 48 cats of all ages living here at the present time.The quantity is constantly growing and our people are happy by helping them to survive.

The Goal: 36 people who donate $10 can feed all our animals for a week. If we can raise $1500, new heated shelter can be built to keep all animals inside during the winter. 

The Social Events: The School Valunteer Day". We want to thank our local school and kids from there for helping us to clean the shelter.(pictures are provided)


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