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About this project

Hello my name is Edgar,

I am one who is involved in studying how nature afects, influences all of us. If I would say I am learning biology it wouldn’t be too far from reality, but my aproach is closely related to technology and innovation also. I am mostly fascinated about how we as live beings humans and other such as animals, plants, insects gather and share knowledge. I learn our relationships to forces controling matter such as well known sun lights energy gathering trough plants and more.

I am mainly doing researces on my own.  Teamwork  always is involved.

Trough ‘’lessons’’ available I gather memorables to be shared sketches writings, photos, videos and more. Sometimes i  volunteer and I do ‘’live coaching’’ in person. I am developing book wich is about to be reliesed in may 2018 or earlyer on. I will give out for free to supporters.

What I do?

Basically I get in key points trough ‘’bio info’’ to gather knowledge perceptable with my mind and I interpret it.

What I mean with bio info?

In this picture you see me unexpected succsess. In night from 01  to 02.08.2017 we had in here proper thunder storm wich is quite rare in this lockation. In my hands you see gatherings – inspirations for seemingly primitive tools. Process is very timeconsuming and resource taking learning but it is worth it. As you can seems just a coincidence but it isn’t it is rational. Thunder stucked 6 to8 km from obsrevation point, lockation was found without any tools measurements or ‘’mathematics’’. Nature knows what it want’s to show.

In my book i revieal step by step process- most important methods to startup understanding reflectivereasoning in relation to nature and it’s complications. But i have to test my self in knowledge so shortly after posting this I start my trip trough eastern, mideurope, and western down to mediterianen see, Im not sure what awaits, but next year i plan to learn latin, to see if I can restart my studys and get theyr sertification also.

AT the moment I’m short of funds, but i have done many travels almost with ‘’no money’’ at all.

I defeneatelly need support. I wish I could run independently, but in this condition I am far from ideal. No funding makes my travel less productive and less reasonable, but I will make it trough any way.

Thanks for reading, I wish I could have chance to do quality crowdfunding but I had only half an hour now to make this campaign.

Thanks for reading and I wish you to seeclearly, so that you know it, whatever it is or whatever you stand for .

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