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All my life I’ve been shy, I couldn’t befriend a person with ease like people I’ve known. It took me time patience and nerves to go and talk to someone I didn’t know. I’m still the same way so I decided to join a sorority. The Chi Omega’s were friendly and different. No two people were alike. The group was so diverse, and that’s what I wanted diversity in my socially life. The Chio’s will be the group women who help me break out of my shell completely. My sorority initiation period will be in January. I’ll become a full member. The Chi Omegas philanthropy is the Make- A – Wish Foundation where they strive to grant children suffering from deadly illnesses wishes. I hold this philanthropy close to my heart because at a very young age I decided I wanted to be a doctor, and a few short years after I decided I wanted to be a Pediatrician. I wanted to specialize in helping children with things as little as a sniffle up to deadly viruses. I want to be a part of the people who help do this. My sorority project will help me make money to pay off my member fees so that I am able to get initiated in January. Once I’m initiated I can form bonds with the women of the group that will help me become a better person both socially and mentally. I look forward to being able to have a group of friends who I can be close to knowing they will be with me forever. I want to make a name for myself and create a legacy that makes my family proud. 


My member class the Pi Betas.

Pi Beta's cheering on the participants of the 5K.

Pi Beta Big Sis Night

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