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With my project you are helping me, a high school senior, achieve a dream most people, in my condition, would give up on. I've had a rough patch in my past where attending school was just a blur in the back of mind. I've always wanteed to become a Pediatrician every since I had been a little kid. I have always known what I was capable of and reached for the stars. I made goals that challenged me to be a better person. I've worked since I was old enough to legally work, but I was somewhat niave to the fact that college was very expensive. I, like any other teenage, spent my work money on things I did not need instead of saving it for college. I told myself I would never take out student loans, save my work money and I'd apply for a lot of scholarships. I noticed that a student loan would be my only way of getting through college. I have been excepted to two out of three of my colleges, Fisk University and Western Illinois. I have recieved scholarships from Fisk, but it is not my first choice. I used to live in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Virginia during my high school years, so WIU would be close to home. I have not recieved any word of scholarships from WIU, but I am hoping that something will come through. 

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