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Obesity has become one of the major health related conditions in the world in this day and age. While many consider it a lifestyle, obesity has proven to be a serious condition which can lead to a large number of diseases. Weight management remains very important in order to ensure protection against heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol related issues. Xenical is one of the medications that is usually prescribed for weight loss and weight management and is one of the most popular oral prescription drugs for losing weight. While the advantages of the drug are known and well-documented, there are a few precautions which must be taken when you start taking the drug.

The first precaution you should take is to tell your doctor about all of your allergies so that the doctor can gauge whether the pill contains any ingredient which can make the drug allergic for you or not. This is important as an allergic reaction to a drug or a pill can be very severe. It’s not just the active ingredients present in the drug’s formula that can cause problems. The inactive ingredients used in the formation of the drug can be equally dangerous and thus, you should talk about all of your allergies with the doctor so that he can ensure whether you would be at a risk of an allergic reaction while taking the drug or not. You can also check this on your own as companies like Roche (the manufacturer of the drug) and Oral-B list all of the ingredients for the drug.

The second precaution that you should take is to provide the doctor prescribing the drug your complete medical history. Telling the doctor about your past health conditions would help him see if the drug might be harmful in any sense because of the conditions that were prevalent in your body sometime ago. It’s important that you mention any illnesses like digestive problems, gallbladder issues, kidney stones and seizures. The information would usually help the doctor in gauging whether the prescription of this drug would be helpful for a person like you or not. The important thing to understand is that you should not lie about anything when the doctor decides to prescribe you Orlistat and you should answer all his questions honestly. The drug can prove dangerous for certain individuals because of the allergies that they have or because of any past or present health condition that they suffer from. Giving out truthful information is important for this very reason.

Another precaution to be taken while using the prescription drug is to monitor your blood sugar in case you are a diabetes patient. This is because the weight loss which would be brought by the drug would actually improve the blood sugar level. As a result, you won’t need the number of diabetes-related medications that you would have been taking before starting using the weight loss drug. Thus, by monitoring your blood sugar level, you would be able to ask your doctor for a change in your diabetes drugs or a change in your diet because of the improvement brought in by the weight management drug. All in all, taking such precautions would help you avoid any major issues or side-effects.

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