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     Hello there my name is Darlene and I own a cab service in McAlester, Oklahoma.  I am a mother of 4 amazing adults and the Nana of 9 wonderful grandchildren.  I have worked in fast food and retail all my life.  In February of 2015 I found myself with no job (I had quit as an assistant Manager for Dollar General) and all I had was $16.00 to my name.  The taxi service I, my husband, and his best friend had been working for had just closed down after a year of business; because the owner raised his rates too high and people couldn't afford to ride anymore.  I had NO job and $16.00 to my name.  I gave a man a ride ot the casino here in town and told him I didn't have enough luck to go in there.  But I looked at my money and said "I guess I'll try my luck."  I hit for $2600.00 and RAN!  The next day I started calling around and got everything I would need to start my own cab service.  On February 12th, 4 days later, we were up and running.

     I, my husband, and his friend Mike were the only drivers. My husband I drove 12 hour shifts during the day and Mike drove 12 hours each night.  We had a 1992 Lincoln town car and a $400.00 PT Cruzer we just bought.  They weren't much but they got us and what little customers we had where ever we needed to go.  We ran $2000.00 in February and March tripled. Since then we have gotten up to $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 per month.  But because we started out with so little I have had to get multiple small loans that have just put me in a hole I can not seem to dig out of.  

    We now have 8 employees, 7 of them are owner operators, and 4 cars of our own.  Mike still drives nights, I and my husband still drive only not as much. We have pulled 24, 36, and 48 hour shifts just to keep this business going til we got some good drivers.  My drivers are the type of people who understand that the customers are the reason they have a job.  They carry groceries to the door for the elderly, they make sure that they have a safe, prompt, and respectful ride.   They do not do it because they'll get rich, they do it because they like people and enjoy driving.  

    I am trying to raise enough money to get out of the red that I have been in from the start, upgrade a couple of vehicles, Maybe get a handicap accessible van, fix up the office, and add a restroom and breakroom for the employees. Plus for radio advertisements, and new plaques for the vehicles. Also have been asked to open another cab service up in Atoka or Durant, Oklahoma.  We have given people rides there and they do not have a cab service and need one badly.  

    We support our highway patrol and our local police force, and donate when we can.  We support our veterans and they receive a discount on all rides to show our appreciation for their service.   There is a competitor here but from what I have been told by their ex-customers, they are very rude, too often late, and drive dangerously.  I would not repeat that but have seen them run red lights and make left hand turns from the right lane more than once, so I kinda believe it.  I have also picked up people who found their number first and after waiting for 45 minutes to an hour they look us up and ride with us from there on out.

    I can promise to anyone who donates to this cause that your money will be going to help a community and it's people.  I can promise that every penny given will be greatly appreciated and spent on only what will benefit the survival and improvement of the company.  

    Anyone who donates will have an honorable mention in our ads and our Facebook page.  Anyone who wants paid back can message me on the Facebook page. I encourage everyone to look up our Facebook page and read our reviews.  We have 2 unsatisfactory reviews from friends of the other cab company in townbut have a 4.7 star rating out of 5 stars.



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