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My brother  Rudy, a dedicated union sheet metal worker, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) in the summer of 2016. Rudy had thought nothing of his extreme exhaustion since it was something he experienced every day after work. However, this feeling was beginning to intensify, which led to his checkup where his doctor prescribed medication for possible tuberculosis, which he was told to take for nine months. When no progress was made, the doctor suggested checking his kidneys and blood levels, as his condition could be fatal. A significantly low level of hemoglobin was discovered, and Rudy was rushed to the hospital.


Upon arrival, Rudy was diagnosed with AML and immediately began chemotherapy and other treatments. On june 13, 2017, Rudy received a bone marrow transplant.

Although he had little to no emotional support throughout his journey, Rudy always remained hopeful and continues to have a positive outlook despite his difficult circumstance. Rather than focusing on the negatives, he continues to look forward to a healthy life. A month  after his transplant, Rudy is still fighting to stabilize his health and wishes to get back to work as soon as possible. This journey has also been financially challenging for Rudy, and therefore he is requesting funds to assist with necessities such as hospital visits and bills, medicine, and living expenses.

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