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Medina Eco Village
We are partners in life and crime, Jess Leaper Jan-Kjetil 'JJ' Jess, with passion for conservation, environment and heritage. Jess is a primatologist and manager of a wildlife park. In this capacity she has completed extensive fundraising and project managing. JJ is an EMT with a fondness for the natural world, a near CO2 neutral lifestyle and a keenness to make sustainable living more accessible and mainstream.
The concept is an immersive, symbiotic and sustainable centre of business with a pub, a restaurant, a wholefood and consumables store, an activity and conference hall and boutique accommodation. Our main aim is to encourage a diet and overall lifestyle that is more conscious of our impact on the world around us and raise awareness of how to become more eco-friendly while also providing a shop stocked with foods and other products to help make the transition to a greener lifestyle. The pub and restaurant will enhance the immersive and oasis-like site and provide a place where people can meet for drinks or dine out while knowing the premises are sustainably run and the products served have minimum impact on our environment.
The development is estimated to take 12-14 months from commencement.

Our inspiration for the project is a desire for a local arena of sustainability. We also envisage it as a platform for generating funds to donate and invest in green projects elsewhere in the world. Finally we also have two or three further related projects we wish to explore locally on the back of this.

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