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Lives In harmony was Founded in 1997 by Mark Anderson for the purposes of preventing bullying and mass shooting everywhere we live, play and work.

Lives In Harmony undertaking is to make the world we live in a more harmonized society. bringing the world together to combat against violence and acts of excessive anger. We envision a world where everything and everyone work together. We envision a world where we live, work and play are free from gun violence and act’s of excessive anger.

Lives in Harmony collaborates with minds from all around the world creating programs and educating kids and adults about the important values of living in harmony with family, neighbors, friends, classmates ,co-workers and others. 

Harmony in Schools

Lets make our schools safer and free of violence by starting a lives in harmony club. “livesinharmonyclub.com’ is a club that offers a platform where fellow students can dialogue about peaceful solutions to conflicts, grievances, disagreements, bullying and confrontations in order to prevent acts of excessive anger at school. Supporting our kids efforts to live in harmony with one another is an incredible way to rid our schools from acts of violence.


The increase of gun violence in and around schools are contentious signs, that should be viewed as life-and-death warnings. Now is the time to educate people how to control excessive anger. Gun ownership in the U.S. is highly concentrated, and the trend promises to continue. 


With the odds of another American school shooting becoming more likely, a 2014 F.B.I. study showed that about 11 mass shootings occurred each year on average between 2000 and 2013, with the frequency increasing. While mass shootings dominate our newscast, most gun activist and lobbyist seem to have no clue on how to prevent people from killing one another. A whopping 32,000 gun deaths occur annually.That’s more than any other nation on Earth. Become a member of a Lives in Harmony club in your in your school,community or workplace to prevent acts of violence from destroying life.

We here at  Lives in Harmony believes that our kids are our future. kids having an active role in preventing acts of excessive anger can be a vital tool in keeping our schools and play areas free of violence.


Excessive anger

 Everyday, all around the world our media and news outlets are reporting about acts of violence, war and murder. We have become bombarded with stories of people using excessive anger as a means of solving their issues.These types of incidents seems to be rapidly spreading and growing all across every continent of the world. We must prevent this type of behavior from destroying everything we love. Lives in harmony  proven solution to resolve any issue without using violence as the means, is the best tool available. Help us reach out to schools,community organizations, corporations and governments to share our resources to prevent acts of excessive anger from destroying the people and the things we love.


All forms of bullying should be taking serious:

  • Physical Bullying 
  • Verbal Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Prejudicial Bullying

 Disrespect invites disrespect and violence insights violence and when the powerful uses there position to bully others we all loose. Bringing awareness and Providing education to kids and teens about the Tactics Used by Bullies is one of Lives In Harmony missions. Having the these valuable tools accessible to kids and teens are of vital importance when it comes to dealing with and preventing bullying.  Teaching Our kids the importance of living in harmony is the best gift of all.

Help lives In Harmony reach out and provide programs, activities and education to kids and young adults all around the world promoting the importance of living harmony with each othe



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