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Steal time for yourself! Relax from the busy everyday life and care. Forget at least a little bit of responsibilities and a busy lifestyle. Relax in the cozy atmosphere of the Li Spa in Delhi.

The voucher includes:

    Massage of your choice - classic, relaxing, toning, peat or anti-cellulite or Zone therapy;

Advance booking is required by tel:

Classical massage is applied for the purpose of complete relaxation and toning of the body. The purpose of massage is to stimulate the immune system, optimize blood circulation and relax the muscles, which results in the body being completely rid of fatigue.

Relaxing body to body massage in delhi - to achieve balance and harmony! Suitable for fatigue, physical and mental overload. It soothes and tones muscles, promotes blood movement, stimulates lymphatic flow and makes the connective tissue of the joints more elastic. Strengthens the general physical condition.

Tone Massage - A suitable massage for anyone who is feeling tired and lacking in tone. A tonic massage transfers substances to help stimulate the muscle that uses more nutrients. It's kind of like a cold shower. The tissue must be shocked in order to wake up. This is precisely the role of the impulses that must excite the tissues and muscles.

By bringing them more nutrients, the impulses allow them to work more easily. By compressing the muscle cell evenly and tightly, massage stimulates it. It will ingest the nutrients sent from the blood, process them in order to ensure its development. Massage stimulation will help it to eliminate waste and excess more easily.

Anti-cellulite massage - Cellulite is a commonly discussed women's problem that is affected by various cosmetic procedures, but its most powerful effect is the anti-cellulite manual massage, which aims to remove cellulite lumps and nodes throughout the body and to shape the silhouette.

As is well known, the main cause of cellulite is the accumulation of waste products, water and fat in the subcutaneous cell layer. Anti-cellulite massage involves stimulation of bio-energy zones, combined with techniques of lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate lymph and blood circulation. In this way, fat burning and lymphatic transport are assisted. Massages use special oils that break down fats and improve microcirculation.

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