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My name is Tina Weidenhammer. I am a personal, professional, and social lifestyles coach. Yet this project is not about me, it’s about you, and how LeapLiving can shift your lifestyle in a new direction.

LeapLiving’s philosophy is to live the life you want today, not tomorrow. 

I’ve developed two paths for shifting your life:

1) Lifestyle Coaching: http://leap-living.com/lifestyle-coaching/ 

Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/4yVYMY8rsQ4

These past 5 years I have been coaching people to take back their day to day lives, and move more consciously into the life affirming directions they want to see for themselves.

My style of coaching focuses on identifying goals and actions to help you move forward with your personal and professional development.

You and I map out the context of your challenges, we identify the hurdles, and we identify actions to move you forward to the next phase of your life.

I provide coaching in-person, over the phone, and via Skype or Google Hangout.


2) 3-Point Date Lifestyles: http://leap-living.com/3-point-date-lifestyles/ 

Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/v2GrokPYDm4

Through conscious dating by building each date experience around three different activities, locations, or movements (similar to the acts in a play) we engage experiences which create unique memories that bridge our relationships over time. 3-Point Dates help you stay conscious, present & actively engaged in creating memories, stepping out of the hum-drum of day to day life, will helping you deepen your relationship.

The goal of 3-Point Dates Lifestyles is to help people reconnect with the idea that dates/dating is not a means to an end, but a way to continuously, over a lifetime, build stronger relationships with your significant other, new romantic interest, and even with your friends and family!



Examples of Actual 3-Points Dates:
1) ZED451, Gallery Bar Chicago, Underground Wonder Bar

2) Hopleaf, Lady Gregory's, Vincent Restaurant

3) The Purple Pig, Harris Theater for Music and Dance, Sable Kitchen & Bar


What I want you to know most:

I think we have don’t wait to retire to live good lives. And I don’t believe that we have to accept our current circumstances. I think dating can be fun, stress-relieving, enlightening, engaging, and more than anything else, memorable. I want you to look back on a life full of memories of how you lived, the way you lived, and not have any regrets about not having done something sooner.

So today, I am asking you to walk along a path with me, with LeapLiving, and help guide us to a point where we can be the guides we want to be to you. I, as LeapLiving, want to guide you to live the life you want today—whether by tweaks in your day to day life, or by changing your dating mindset. Life can be a lot more fun, when you become the catalyst, become active, conscious, and engaged in your life. And I want to help!


When it comes to the funds being sought in this project:

While there is a live website, it is far from what we want to provide for you as a member of either Coaching Lifestyles or 3-Point Date Lifestyles.

- For coaching we envision guest bloggers, interviews, interactive live coaching on the site itself.

- And even more so we are excited about the growth of a 3-Point Date Lifestyles Members’ only page (which will exist by the end of this project).

- Our plan is to have an entire database of searchable, filter-friendly 3-Point Dates for all over Chicago.

- We want to be able to create user profiles so people can become known as 3-Point Daters, so that you can become each other’s experts for what kind of dates really impact the relationships in your life.

- We want to be able to upload not just images and 3-Point Date suggestions, but develop a peer-to-peer rating and review system as well.

- We hope by the end of the first year we can offer a free App for members.

- Even offer a free physical or e-book focusing on the philosophy, practice, and living the life of a 3-Point Dates Lifestyler.


What are our other visions?

- We see eventually having multiple levels of 3-Point Date Lifestyle memberships, with different perks & rewards.

- We've thought about eventually offering concierge services, and planning everything out for your 3-Point Date.

- How amazing would it be to have 3-Point Dates expand into Wisconsin & Michigan? 3-Points across 3 cities?!

- I would like to further my own coaching growth and knowledge through conferences, programs, and events which I can bring back to my clients.


So when you look at the Kudos:

There are three themes: 

1) Supporting local businesses—whether it’s the artists themselves, or through the dates, all the places you will dine, the theaters, the shows, the ice skating, the best cocktails, and in the end—you are doing one really amazing thing: You are supporting local businesses & organizations!

2) We all wake up wishing for something else in our lives…and then we wait, as if it will just come to us. Well Lifestyle Coaching is about having a guide to get you going, so you stop wishing, start acting, and immediately begin experience the change you want in your life.

3) Getting in on the ground floor. Today we just offer these two services, at these rates. Yet we hope by the end of the year we will be offering a premium membership of coupons, discounts, and promotions. We foresee eventually offering personalized custom “concierge” like-services to premium members. Yet for everybody who joins us on our path this first year, you get to be part of all these perks and experiments, and rewards because right now, and in the future, you are the premium members!

- Hand Written Thank You cards to everyone!

- Let’s get coaching sooner than later if you join Lifestyle Coaching.

- Here’s how joining 3-Point Date Lifestyles will work as of Oct 1st:

--- You’ll have access to the private membership page

--- Start receiving your ten 3-Point Dates

--- We will be sending you personal 3-Point Date suggestions over the month of September so you are not waiting in the wings!


I am 100% first about supporting others.

So I love the opportunity to give you a chance to connect through my rewards with other entrepreneurs who are pursuing their passions and lives today through their craft.

Below are images of the art by our 3 artists:






(Jennifer Bachelder Trashy Art)


We’ve got only a handful of $40 gift certificates from Tattoos by Polly



15 Amazing Entrepreneurs, living today & not tomorrow, donated 15 Promotion Cards equaling in discounts about $300 in value.

This deck includes rock and jazz bands, consulting services, another discount from Tattoos by Polly, art, stores, & products just to name a few:


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