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My name is Madeline Chase. When I was eleven I was diagnosed with renal failure. At fifteen I went into end stage renal failure and as a sophomore in high school I started dialysis. When I was seventeen I was given a cadaver kidney transplant. In 2003 I lost my transplant because of a very bad infection and I started back on dialysis. Ten years ago I met my husband, a now LPN in the US Army. He was my dialysis tech prior to joining the military, we have been married for almost seven years.

This year, being my tenth year back on dialysis, I am attending the Kidney Ball in Washington, DC. I have been given a generous anonymous donation of two tickets. I am very excited to go! It is a fundraiser put on to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. What I am asking is for help with my attire. As many of you know being in the military (especially this year) there is not always extra room in pot for these kinds of things. One great thing, being in the Army means my husband can wear his uniform, which is perfect, I'm the only one that needs dressing. It is a Black Tie event, and a masquerade this year.

The event is on November 16th. Not only do I not have funds to get a dress, I also have no idea what I should wear. So here is what I purpose, I will post pictures of four choices, dresses masks and all, and anyone that donates will have a finale vote in the whole attire. I will wear whatever gets the finale approval, which will be decided by November 11th. I will post pictures from the Kidney Ball after the event and any extra money will go to The National Kidney Foundation.

If you are able to help in anyway I thank you. If not financially, in words of encouragement and prayers.

-Madeline M. Chase

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