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Strictly Business Trust (SBT) is an unincorporated business organization trust (see Massachusetts Trust) organized under the California Constitution and recognized in California Probate Code Section 18100.  SBT came into existence on April 8, 1993 and has been involved with a variety of business ventures.  The present date (April 2017) of business is to provide a particular client base with a microwave pollution suppression and remediation technology. 


The technology to address this pollution (think an invisible “fog”) is available on the market place.  But, a caveat, none of these manufacturers have the suppression applying technology that goes past 47%.  Yet, when a combination of identified manufacturers is applied to a targeted space, a remarkable 95% microwave suppression field is established. There are competitors, but, not one offers what SBT has at its discovery.  Extensive due diligence has been performed to establish such a credible statement by SBT.  Strictly Business Trust will establish a company name of Strictly Business Frequency Pollution Busters.  SBT will file with the California Secretary of State a limited partnership as the sole owner of the business after funding has been made available.


SBT requires funding of $200,000 after the percentage fees have been taken.  These funds provide SBT to establish an office in the area to have marketing targets.  This area, Santa Barbara, California is home to the wealthy elite.  Clients having the incomes that allow their dedicated spaces to have this protective suppression application will be the primary source of business.  The requirement to have an business area for supplies to be delivered, staging day to day work directives, telephone answering, and management presence is required.  Pre-purchasing the particular manufacturers’ product lines are required to have the immediate material for applying such to clients dedicated spaces.


SBT will utilize the business funding to establish a very credible microwave frequency remediation service by doing the following:

  • Open communication with Clients. The explanation of the “pros and cons” of different solutions and support technologies available are discussed in detail.
  • Include the Client in every stage of the remediation process.

Exceed the Client’s expectations for the project.


Strictly Business Electronic Pollution Busters will focus on the remediation technology needs of the financially affluent members of each community.  This targeted Client base will build the foundation of market place dominance.


When the funds have been delivered to SBT’s bank account, then the actions presented in its Business Plan will be expedited. 


SBT’s advertising efforts will bring in a client base from the surrounding areas such as Santa Ynez, the Ojai, Ventura county area, the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles county area and the Hollywood crowd.  Word of mouth advertising will be one of the driving forces of the success establishing this special service. Again please request the Business Plan for a complete reveal of the direction this business will accomplish.

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