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My name is Jesus Ojeda. Im living in Panama with my wife and daughter. We created a marketing company 2 year and half ago, we were doing great before someone wants to invest on our project and ended it up taken the company away from us. He made a false document that shows that i was selling my company to him. That person left us on the street, we lost our apartment, our car, in other words everything. I had to start doing any kind of job to feed my wife and daughter while we were living on the street. During this time i meet a lot people who are leaving on the street and touch our hearth. it was not easy to stay awake all night protecting your family. For this we want to create a company and start doing marketing campaings so people help eachother. Living on the street for over 5 months is something that people cant live with.

What we want is to call the attetion of the people trhu marketing campaings and let them know that is other people in this country that need their help, they need food, they need a place to life. 

We want that huge companies in Panama and goverment start creating founding for this people on the street, so they can at least have a place to sleep or at least one meal a day. I lost over 30 pounds during this 5 months because I only had to feet my wife and daughter. 

The moment is now, we need to help this people now, we need to create this concern into the people now. 

People in Panama is always thinking on their own. Is people who just doesnt care about others, and we have to change that.

The reason why I am asking for founding? We lost everything, we went trhu difficult times for so long, until a person from Costa Rica helped us a little. So if we are in Panama where we (suppose) have friends, a person from Costa Rica living here was the one that helped us and giving us a room in his place to sleep? Right now we are looking for founding because we dont have it, and because we are pretty convince that this project will create the concern in the people to help eachother.

We will start creating content and marketing advertising so people start watching. We will poste this contest in Every place that we can reach.

What we can offer now is to announce in the campaings as the person who belive in that all people should has a place to live.

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