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About this project

Who Will Epic DECISIONS Impact?

Educators working in today's schools will benefit from a new, fresh, individualized personalized learning that focuses on them. Educators are always looking to improve their skill-sets and EpicDecisions provides high-quality sessions that are interactive and focused on the professional. The system moves away from the old "sit and quit" with theories to show support to an interactive approach that is driven by what the individual needs and wants to be a successful decision-maker.

What Will Epic DECISIONS Provide?

The partners of Epic were inspired to create an engaging, self-driven system to assist educators in their everyday decision-making process in providing equity for all students. Educators have to make many decisions throughout the day and they have very limited time to think about their response or interaction. It the goal of Epic Decisions to improve the decision-making process and when a participant goes through our system they will be better prepared to make those critical decisions and understand their impact on equity of discipline.

When and Where Will Epic DECISIONS Services be Provided?

Epic Decisions will hold their initial Summer Epic  Institute on June 11th & June 12th and July 16th & July 17th of 2018. Epic Decisions will also provide personalized coaching via an online model thought the 2018-2019 school year.

Why was Epic DECISIONS created?

Epic Decisionswas created to assist educators in their decision-making process when behavior challenges arise throughout the school day. These real-time, quick decisions can be difficult and stressful when not prepared for them. The goal is to provide insight into how decisions are made, and the impact of the decision on equitable student outcomes. The focus is not on students during training, but the decision-maker. The decision-maker impacts students, colleagues, parents, and community and it is the goal of Epic Decisions to assist in making equitable decisions for all students.

How Will Epic DECISIONS Use the Funds?

Epic Decisions will use any and all funds received to provide better services and resources to participants of the 2018 Epic Summer Institute and the continued development of services and products.

Helping Educators one DECISION at a Time

Epic Decisions is working to provide personalized learning to assist educators in today's ever-changing school landscape with making equitable decisions for all students


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