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Hi people, I’m pape Demba Kane. A teacher in senegal (West Africa). I came here to raise funds for a school in a little village named Doumguel Dadde. This school has a particularly more girls than boys ( 94% of the students are girls) and they are really working good at school. This school has been built essentialy by the villagers themselves with no help from the government in 2003.  But nowadays the classes are getting deteriorated and the school does even have walls. We have reported it to the authorities since long time ago but there has been no answers and the village doesn’t have means to rebuild it because the first time were a real sacrifice from them seeing the poverty here. 

I , specially, have a full class of girls that are attending an exam at the end of the school year. They are working hard but the roof of the class is abandoning us.

We are a team of teachers, we’re 3 here for 6 classes ( 2 classes for each one) . It’s really difficult but it’s a little sacrifice for us to give these boys and girls the same chances to access good education.

So we (the teachers and the village) decided to bring the case here in hope to have something on what we can rely to keep this school working, to continue help these kids to build their dreams. 

Ps: if we by luck we have more than we expected, the money will serve to built a library , to buy manuals and school materials because we dont have much of them too. 

Thanks in advance

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