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Hello you wonderful people and thank you for taking time out to read this EVEN if you decide to opt out of donating.

Short & sweet. 

My dad's car is unable to move.  Given my brother and I are still very ill "kittens" (weak immune systems) and, as we still have scrawny legs, neither of us push his car!

After several months of daily driving his parents to Dr's appt's & paying their expensive medical bills, as well as my brother and my many vet visits (we were born too early and abandoned by our birth mother) plus grocery shopping, pharmacies, and hospital bills . . . now our "human" dad's car (250kmiles) clutch's finally hit the crapper and he does not have the extra $1,500.00 to replace it as has spent it on medical bills.

So all of you wonderful people, please help fund a new clutch for my dad's car. 

We live in a rural area and have been without a car for several weeks. Neighbors have been kind to take my "human" dad to & fro and let him borrow their car for "medical appt's"  . . . but I can see their patience wearing thin.

In addition to caring for me and my brother, my "human" dad is the caretaker of 2 senior citizens, who amongst both are cancer-survivors and suffer from heart disease, diabetes; one of which is no longer mobile.

God-forbid, if any type of emergency were to arise now that I have he has no way to transport them.

My "human" dad believes in "paying it fwd" and now is hoping that his years of doing just that will be rewarded when he is in need.  

The pic is of me hugging each of you who donate :-) 

We thank you all in advance,

Luke & Duke

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