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This is my only daughter who should had lead a comfortable life like most kids do but has to lived with the right hand bend forever unless she undergo a surgery which comes in tens of thousands but it was a burden for me as a sole breadwinner who earns just enough to have 3 meals. In fact my kid was hospitalized for a few times for high fever reaches 40 degree and was infected with Hand Foot Mouth Disease and as a result I need to take bank loan to foot the hospital bills which comes up in thousands. Now i'm unable to keep up with the interest which keeps snowballing and even couldn't cough up her monthly school fee.

Although I tried my best by working from 4am to 8pm I still couldn't make much money as I myself had Arrhythmia(Irregular Heart Beat)which forbids me from overwork. I did go for treatment and had to wear pacemaker and need medication. But I stopped due to medication fees too high. As a father and a husband, we want the very best for our family. All I wish is that my family can be happy without all those loans to take care of in the event i' m gone.

Imagine a 4 year old kid telling me every night she doesn't wanna go school and wishes to work beside me every day ,her words really touches my heart knowing that she seems to understand the situation of our family.


Sincerely hope that kind hearts out there can help us out and if the loans had been fully paid, the excess amount I will donate it to charity to help out others. Will update or show the bills of those loans and bills if ever someone need it.

Please help as loans and bills are due soon

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