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My name is Brandon T. Bailey. I am a singer, songwriter, student, teacher, and entrepreneur. I wear many hats in many different organizations. I believe in giving back and have dedicated great time and resources into doing just that. However, I have reached the limits of what I can do alone to build a business of personal development resources.

I have passionately worked to create products and services that help other people achieve their goals. I have always had very big goals for myself. I understood that it was going to be difficult to get where I wanted to go. However, I wanted to help and encourage other people along the way and share some of the many lessons I have learned in academia and business. However, I cannot do this alone. 

I am partnering with the Social Leadership Academy to create a program called “The IF Project” that will provide various products and services geared towards the personal development necessary to achieve the biggest of dreams.

I am fundraising for phase one of “The IF project”. This phase of fundraising is primarily for startup cost. Phase two will be the publishing my book “IF”. At this phase, there are other services that we will need to ensure that this project runs effectively and efficiently.  I have partnered with a team that is more than qualified to execute a plan to help people all over the country begin working on realizing their dreams. So often people die still holding on to great ideas. I want people to begin to ask themselves “What IF my dream were my reality”?

Phase One of the project will be completed by the end of October. Phase one completion will include the securing of business coaches, the development of websites, media and marketing strategies, and launch of a weekly online show and podcast on subjects like leadership, business development and personal development.

The title of this campaign speaks directly to my purpose. If we learn and never teach, what was the lesson really worth? I have obtained degrees, started business, spent and loss money, and moved across the country in pursuit of my dreams. I now endeavor to teach what have learned along the way so that those after me can learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others.  I am looking for funding because I cannot tackle this arduous task alone. The support of generous people like you will allow me to build the foundation of a project that will change many lives. Too many people leave this world having given up on their dreams. Part of my dreams is to make sure that others never give up on theirs. 

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