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On May 31st, my 44 year old Son had a heart attack. He needs help to obtain a place of his own to live. The problem is he is on a fixed income due to the fact he fell while working and broke his back in three places and his neck.  He needs his neck re-opperated on because the bone fusion has worn out causing pressure on his nerves and he is having sezures.

Marshall was a hard worker,he drove 18-wheeler and delivered the mail from one post office drop to another. He has a good personality and never meets a stranger. He loves life and can make friends with all types of people. He was the guy if he saw you needed help he was right there for you, no matter if it was physical help or financial my Son would help anybody.

Now, Marshall needs your help-

As a gesture of our sincere thanks anyone who can help with a donation over $100, we want to send you a "Presidential Keepsake $1,000 bill. Just include the information to send it to you.

Thanks a million for your help.Laughing

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