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After the end of Shabbat, the Havdalah ceremony begins. The end of Sabbath is marked with the appearance of three stars in the sky. This event is the celebration to mark the ushering of a new week. To spend this special occasion with proper rituals, you can buy havdalah set to make this special occasion memorable.

The expert craftsmen specialize in making beautiful Havdalah candleholders, spice holders, matchbox holder, etc. made out of pure silver. Let’s have a look at the variety of sets available for you to light up your special occasion of Havdalah.

  • Havdalah candle holder

The Havdalah candle holder comes in beautiful designs which you would love to offer to the divinity. With its intricate carvings and details, the whole ceremony would become more auspicious. You can also buy the one with the golden stem which holds an elegant look.

  • Havdalah spice holder

This sterling silver made spice holder is the thing you just wanted during the auspicious occasion of Havdalah. The skilled artisans create the magnificent designs where most of them are inspired by the beauty of different places and cultures. The perfect shiny spice holder with intricate carvings on its body gives out a gorgeous look to the lovely piece of artifact.

image source: hazorfim

  • Small flower spice box

This hand sculpted the most talented artisans of Israel create beautiful artwork. You cannot help but admire its pure beauty with its delicate designs on the petals. You can give this modest yet attractive piece to your close ones as a symbol of remembrance.

  • Jerusalem Bessomim or spice box

This artifact is created as a memoir of the Jewish religious place Jerusalem. The skilled craftsmen took inspiration from the city’s glorious history and architecture. They have crafted this with utmost diligence to provide you with the emotions behind Jewish sentiment. So, you can have this and showcase its beauty that tells the story of a long past era.

  • Filigree Havdalah candle holder

This Filigree Havdalah candleholder is the reflection of true artistic beauty. The sterling silver made artifact is perfect for this glorious occasion which reminds you of the ^ days Sabbath that has recently passed. This aesthetic delight is the next thing you would want to acquire as no other candle holder can match the pleasure of this beautiful piece.

  • Iris candle lighter

You need a lighter to light the candles along with the joys of your life. So, consider getting an Iris candle lighter which is made up of sterling silver. You will admire the beauty of this piece the moment you set your eyes on it. The intricate designs with a blend of simplistic pleasure, it is the perfect match for your gorgeous candle holder.

So, as you have seen, these beautiful sets are an absolutemust-have for this joyous occasion. Many websites sell the perfect set of your imaginations. Hence, bring home the auspicious presence of sterling silver with a Havdalah set. Moreover, don’t forget to spread the joy. Present it to your friends and relatives for a happy Havdalah. 

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