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Hi, My name is Susan Mason, and I am a 63 Year old woman. I am living in a rather precarious, toxic, and somewhat abusive environment and I need a change of scenery in order to heal. A friend of mine has offered me a room in her place, but I need help getting across the country. I will need to rent a truck, to transport all my belongings and my cat. I will also need gas and food on the way, and a small cushion in case I encounter any emergencies during the trip. I am hoping to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of this move. I can't find any good pictures of myself, and I don't like pictures of myself these days, anyway. But, I will try to put together a video when I can...and hope it does not turn out too horrible. Since I am not actually creating anything with this project, and since the amount I am trying to raise is rather small, I will still have to try to figure out what I can do for Kudos. For small donations, I will give a shout out and thank you, on social media--or send a personal email to anyone who gives me their email address for that purpose, and for any larger donations of $100 or more, I will try to come up with a nice token gift. I feel that small donations of $1 or $5, should do the job, if I get enough donations, and most people can afford $1 or $5 without it breaking the bank. Of course, if anyone feels moved to donate more to my move across country, I am certainly not going to complain. Thanks in advance to any and all who wish to help a aging lady get to a place that she can actually call home. 

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