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This particular project consists of gathering enough funds to invest in the forex trading markets using the very latest and best Artificial Intelligence software applied to the Forex trading markets which happens to be more precise and accurate at predicting forex market trends than any human trader since it has no emotions. The main reason why I chose the forex trading markets is because I Googled "the fastest way to become a millionaire 2017" and the result of the search displayed a list of 15 Businesses and the most profitable one on the list was forex trading. I will be using the following software: manhattanfx.com. I will be using the following broker: http://www.roboforex.com/. So forex trading currently seems to be the fastest way to make money now. I will be giving away 5 kudos with a percentage of my profits to thank those who helped me develop my Business. Another reason why i chose manhattanfx.com is because it is 100% automated and makes slightly above 40% for the user and also because the user does not need to be an advanced trader in order to make a profit. That's about it in a nutshell.

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