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There are many ways to get the essential fish oil amino acids into your diet. Unfortunately, due to personal tastes and preferences, many Australians don’t get enough fish oil in their lives. You can get around this problem by taking fish oil supplements or tablets, which can have no taste.

Hiding Your Fish Oil

You may have scientifically convinced yourself that fish oil is a good thing for your health, but you might have to lie to yourself to actually stomach it! Some methods people have tried are to add it to some other food they like which also has a very strong flavour. This can mask or neutralise the taste of the fish oil.

You can also “hide” what you need to take by grinding down fish oil tablets into a fine powder, which you can then use as seasoning in your meals. This way you will not have to deal with any of the taste you do not like.

Trying Different Types of Fish

People often associate one particular type of fish they have tried with every other fish. Their first experience may not have been a favourable one, so they often seek to avoid fish as much as possible. But the reality is that there are so many different flavours to choose from. You should try different types of fish to see which ones you like. Some people who don’t like shellfish are perfectly happy with the taste of an octopus or a squid. People who like fish from a river often don’t like fish from the sea.

Incorporating More Fish In Your Diet

You can also incorporate more fish into your diet plan to get the fish oil that you need. The general tactic with choosing fish is to make sure you eat those which are “low” on the food chain. Unfortunately, fish such as sharks or other predatory fish have a lot of mercury in their systems due to all the fish they eat.

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