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Most of us are now used to seeing those strange black and white boxes – called “Quick Response” or QR codes – that are seemingly on every product, billboard, and advertisement out there. These ecommerce web development tools are a handy way for consumers to quickly connect with businesses and product information and, if used correctly, they can really increase your conversion rates.

The thing about QR codes is that they often aren't being used correctly. For example, many businesses place QR codes on their calling cards – and the QR code just leads visitors right to the same information that's on the card. Here are some ways to make sure that your QR codes are effective and can benefit your e-commerce website development strategy:

Use a Call To Action

In order for the QR code to be effective, you have to entice the audience to take out their smartphone and take a picture of the code in the first place. You have to give them a reason to use the code, like have a limited time promotional offer at a link that can only be found once the QR code is obtained.

Have A Mobile-Optimised Website

If you're going to bother with QR codes, then you need to look into mobile e-commerce web development. Mobile websites display properly on a customers phone, whereas standard websites do not. They're frustrating and difficult to navigate and, ultimately, any customer will end up closing up the browser and so you'll lose you potential lead or customer.

Include the URL Next To The Code

Depending on your target audience, a customer may not yet be familiar with QR codes or how they work. The ultimate goal here is to increase conversions, so for those who may not have a QR code app or even own a smartphone, it's always a good idea to include a short URL to your ecommerce web development, blog, landing page, etc. next to the code itself.

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