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Drug rehab for women deals with distinctive, addiction-related wants of a lady, serving to her feel safe as she works through the pain of addiction. Sometimes, disunited Nations agency square measure drug addicts or alcoholics are victims of sexual trauma or abuse. the Analysis shows that ladies begin abusing medicine or alcohol when a selected traumatic event and up to 70 % of ladies in drug and alcohol rehab have histories of physical or sexual assault.

Every person reacts to such rehab treatments otherwise. Similarly, it varies widely between men and ladies. A woman’s body and mind perform entirely totally different from that of a person. Females are a lot of sensitive to such treatments, and therefore it's recommended to them to travel for the specially designed rehabs for girls. Women a lot of emotional and nostalgic than men. therefore, obtaining passionate about a drug and clinging thereto is a lot of common in girls, if compared. They get passionate about some drugs a lot of quickly as compared to men. Rehabs for girls have precise programs to assist this issue. In such rehabs, special attention is paid to a woman’s feminism, kinship, and body image.

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