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This Post-doctoral project is multinational and aims to bring together many experts and knowledge in the most varied areas of science: technology, robotics, health, biochemistry... The importance is that we know that cardio vascular diseases kill in the world 17.5 million people a year and we have to reverse this situation, and in many cases we can control or minimize, these risk factors of cardio vascular diseases. To know these variables is to control the elements and paths and attitudes of risks, which can be altered.

It is a nanobiosensor that aims to analyze and alert to the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. We know that thousands of people die every day around the world due to cardiovascular diseases, but this device will monitor the risk factors that cause these diseases in order to be able to alert the patient and the doctor.

We need Human Resources : 1 Product Manager, 1 Biochemistry, 1 Physical / Mathematical, 1 Robotic Engineer, 1 IT Technician, 1 Specialist in Physiology, 1 Software Developer, 1 Cardiologist, 1 Nurse, 1 Physical Activity Specialist,  Technological Material, Biochemical material, Computer equipment: Hardware and Software, Laboratory material, Sports equipment, Server, Internet access.

I know that there are several attempts worldwide to analyze the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. And that there are several instruments for the analysis of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, in an isolated and very evasive and rudimentary way. I build one nanobiossensor that resolves this health problem.

Contacts were made with the health departament of the University of Aveiro to find my supervisor in a Phd in Nanomedicine. Already i have the authorization by the Ethics Committee, of Funchal Hospital, to use in patients, the nanobiosensor from this project.

If the project doesn’t progress, I will be used the money to sponsor my Post-PhD in Nanomedicine at the University of Aveiro in partnership with another University.


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