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I am a former Kodak employee who at the time made a good living. I have two children that I have not seen in over ten years. When I was employed the children’s mother and I separated do to actions not of my own. I supported my children directly for a time ie, cloths, shoes, school supplies, and housing expenses. As I should.  There came a time where the mother did not want to get a job and filed for child support. An agreement was reached. However, the resulting agreement made it financially impossible to cover the expenses of travel to see my children. In 2009, I became unemployed. needless to say, the child support continued to accumulate. I was out of work for a year and a half. The total amount of the arrears when I began a new job in a new field was 12001.68. Both children have recently graduated now and I'm on the final payments of the arrears payment. 

I am asking for assistance paying off the last bit so I can start two savings accounts one for each. Where they can receive money directly without it being used for the mothers personal endeavors. Additionally I would like to be able to save to purchase a seizure alert dog for my oldest child 

To date I have i have paid; $96,013.44 in child support

tosate 8859.93 in  arrears.






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