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My name is Tahachi, I am an aspiring model/actor. I have always been interested in both, mainly acting. My dream has always been to be an actor, i just recently played as a background extra for the movie need for speed. Then by luck after searching for days online for castings i could go to to further get my foot in the door for acting i stumbled onto a casting call for the film 2101 by Seasik Productions and got casted as a supporting actor. This first film is a non paid role, my leave of absence from work I have to take to be able to be in the movie is a non paid leave of absence. This is a great opportuinity for me to get my foot into the film industry and one i dont want to miss. I need a little funding to help cover my bill while i am off filming this movie and be able focus completely on this film with no stress. funding would help me a lot.

The production company doing this movie I will be in is Seasik Productions, www.seasikproductions.com. this site has all the information about the production company, how it got started, who started it. information about their first feature film 2101 including pictures of all the cast.This is my personal website for acting and modeling. www.Tahachi.com.

This Fundraiser is to help me as an aspiring actor. Its hard to pursue that and work fulltime, but i have this great opportunity to make my dreams come true, so i took the leap of faith, took a non paid leave of absence from my job to pursue this. This funding would not only help me financially while i am filming this movie but it would also go towards building a better portfolio for my acting and modeling. I have been doing amature modeling for 2 years, nothing big yet, i like it but day in and day out i think about being an actor, thats where my real passion is. For showing my thanks i am willing to send autographed photos from the filming of the movie. I know its not much but thats all i can do for now, i will when better opportunities come and i have access to more resources give back to those who supported me along the way. I cant wait to be able to show real thanks.

pursing acting is very important to me, its one of those things that you daydream about when you are a kid, everyday, you can actually see yourself doing it. Then as an adult you still daydream about the same thing, to me thats life telling you something, to go for it. I pushed aside my dream a lot growing up. Going to the same job everyday, same routine, I dont want that to be the extent of my life, I want to actually leave a legacy behind, tell my kids in 20 years i actually lived, followed my dreams. I dont want them to think they have to settle for whats put in front of them, i want them to reach for the sky and not care about how crazy their dreams sound to other people. 

I am looking for funding to help with my bills while i am on a non paid leave of absence from my job to film the movie 2101, this is a non paid role.

Being able to do this movie is very important to me. This is a big step for me and i am very excite.

My contributors would be able to see someone doing what he has always dreamt and know that they helped. I dont have much to give back right now, I am a single parent, when i am not working i am with my kids. if i had the means to give back to my contributors i would. I have never did anything like this, a fundraiser before, asking for help was hard, but i cannot miss this opportunity. 

Remember for more info on the movie I will be in go to www.SEASIKPRODUCTIONS.com. movie info,pictures of the cast, characters they will play. information about the production company and its founders. Also www.IMBD.com, International movie database has every known movie, actor and actress on it. search 2101, the movie will come up with all the cast and crew, it wont have much info because it hasnt been filmed yet so it will say pre preduction.

For info and pictures about me as an aspiring actor/model go to www.Tahachi.com

I uploaded a few of my pictures from my website and one cover photo with the movie title on it. I cant wait to see what the photos look like that will be taken during filming.




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