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Dear Readers,


 In this write up of mine, I am not taking the side of women and I do not have any intention to hurt men. It is the general behavior of men that I am pointing out. This behavior is seen usually in unmarried guys. Although I have not joined any group, I am a feminist by approach, so I treat men and women equally. However, here are some common things seen in men in their attitude towards women:


Treat him nicely; he thinks you are in love. If you do not, he thinks you show vanity.

You are Smarter; this makes him make Face. If he is Smarter, he says he is great.

Argue with him; he calls you obstinate. Stay quiet, you will be tagged brainless.

You say you don’t love him, he will do everything he can to make you admit you love him. If you say you love him, he says Goodbye.

You say I want to marry you; he will say it is too early. He says I will marry you, even if you aren’t ready, he wants s-e-x.

Smoke in front of him and he says you are BAD. If he smokes he is a GENT.

Break a promise, he won’t trust you again. He breaks; he says I was forced to do so.

Hurt him, he says you cruel. If he hurts, you are sensitive.

This opinion of mine applies to 90 percent of men. It doesn’t mean that there is no such man who respects women and loves them. One of these is my fiancé. He loves me and understands me. Therefore, guys do not bear any grudge after reading this. There are flaws in women too. I will hopefully bring them soon for you. The motive of my pointing these flaws is to make both men and women shed their vices and make the world a better place to live. You can try to use this website - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/olive-video-chat-dating-app/id1469507454, and try to find a good partner for relationships. 

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