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This book originally printed in 1939 by the author still as AA co-founder William G. Wilson (Bill W.). This name is given for its exceptionally thick initial edition. This book is one amongst the popular books, with over thirty million written copies. This book is honored collectively of the essential Yankee books by Time Magazine and therefore the Library of Congress.

The Big Book is the muse of the nongovernmental organization 12-Step program. this is often thought of the world’s largest alcoholism support cluster. The traditions and steps build the AA renowned, and diverse stories regarding ill addicts have helped to guide millions to remain sober.

Alcoholics Anonymous The Big Book
This book helps in giving the data or background history of AA, as well as the founders, Bill W., and Doctor Bob. This book includes elaborate stories regarding the ill alcoholics World Health Organization have found the sobriety through the program. the large Book additionally teaches the strategies of support for alcoholics and their families.

This book is best best-known for providing the twelve steps and twelve traditions that employment because the basis of AA. of these processes area unit followed by countless alcoholics to recover, around the globe, and this is often the first reason for AA being the world’s largest abuse support cluster.

As it already explained within the forward of the book, the nongovernmental organization is quite 100 men and girls World Health Organization have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. This additionally works as Associate in Nursing example for different alcoholics to boost, and this is often the first purpose of this book. the large Book is split into 2 main elements. the primary half, called the 164 pages original manuscript explains the twelve-step program and the way it will facilitate to beat the results of Alcoholism. the primary half includes “How it works,” that contains the twelve steps and is usually instructed at each AA meeting worldwide.

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