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About this project

This project is based on a doctoral thesis that took 5 years to complete. The objective was to find a tool for institutional evaluation that would meet the real interest of institutions and make their resources profitable. As such, institutional problems have to be discovered in time, and their scale of priorities must be as correct as possible. The immense time and the inexhaustibility of the evaluative tools, lead to failed and costly attempts, to find specific solutions for the specific problems. It is this speed and efficiency that we want, and it is only possible with an efficient, self-sufficient and progressive tool.

After my doctorate in Science Education at the Seville University, I created a company to control the quality of the institutions. The company did not advance due to incompatibilities between the 3 partners, leaving a process of construction of the evaluation instrument in half. The academic validation exists, since I obtained the highest classification, but we need to concluded some contents and implement his commercialization.

I am attempting to collect the necessary support to restart the project and complete my instrument of institutional quality assessment, in order to require more qualified human resources. It is important to complete my research work in the chosen field of investigation and translate it into different languages.

The contribution of supporters of this cause will be to provide the community with an effective and efficient tool for analyzing the quality of institutions democratically.

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