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The Story Revives Me


I believe stories revive us. They connect us, and help us make sense of the world around us in a way that nothing else can.


Most of us communicate exactly backwards. We start with a bunch of facts, features, and benefits, and then try and tie it all together later... if at all. Using my background in theater, I just launched a company full-time that helps individuals communicate using storytelling. I don’t just teach people how to tell stories, I teach professionals how to structure their communication like stories.


When people are taught to communicate with storytelling, their purpose, goals, beliefs, and emotions are communicated alongside all of the factual information needed.


The tricky thing about launching a service venture is convincing people of my service’s benefit to them. I’ve had some success helping Chicagoans improve their business and our local economy, and now I’m trying to grow the sphere of people I can help.


Silicon Valley Or Bust


I’m proud to say that I’ve been invited to the Global Innovation Summit in February of 2014. The Summit is run by some of the most innovative venture capitalists working in Silicon Valley.

Being invited to a Summit composed of mostly tech companies and startups is an important early milestone for me. It means that people fostering more traditional, STEM-based startups see the work I do as valuable in their environment and in our global economy. I can almost guarantee you, I’ll be the only storyteller there.


My focus in going to the summit is

  • - to bring back knowledge about how I can personally help spark Chicago’s innovation economy
  • - grow my sphere of influence in helping others grow their businesses


Physically being present in Silicon Valley is the perfect way to grow. Beyond just attending the Summit, I’m now concentrating my efforts on getting appointments with potential clients from existing companies and startups after the Summit.


Everything contributed will go towards:

  • - entrance fee into the summit
  • - plane ticket to and from Silicon Valley
  • - a rental car to attend Summit events
  • - time spent setting up appointments with potential new clients


You're A Part Of The Story


All of the Kudos available tie into my story, your story, and this crazy adventure I’m about to go on. I’ll have all of them ready by my wrap-up party on the evening of March 2nd.


Thanks very much for supporting a local entrepreneur going global. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at lance@lancebretthall.com. For more information, visit my website at http://lancebretthall.com.

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