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It's all about who we care for. We want to create a sustainable business that will help with life goals of our children, with needs of our friends, and desires of our community.  The funds raised would go towards all aspects of the business creation with a goal to "open the doors" after Labor Day 2017.

My story is nothing grandiose or awe-inspiring. I am simply a husband and a father wanting to provide for my family by creating an online business with tangible benefits to the medical community I am targeting and the local business community I will be hiring from. Money raised would go a long way towards achieving these goals.

My business will be in the online world of continuing education units in the field of Radiography. The funds provided will allow me to hire a local business to create and manage the website, file for trademarks, and create academic content, among other things associated with starting a new business. Content authorship would be the first endeavor, followed by Trademark and LLC filing, website creation, and final approval through the ASRT,the national accreditation for radiographers.

This isn’t something to get rich from. The added revenue would aid in life goals like college and weddings for my children, mission trips to poverty stricken areas of the world, and being able to help friends and neighbors in need. Any contribution received would be greatly appreciated and with great humility, knowing that this goal to provide for my family and others can be achieved. Thank you very much.

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