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Events often take the wrong course and end up in horrific stories if planning is poorly done. There are reasons for these bad outcomes the same way there are solutions for successful events. This article presents a compilation of prominent mistakes of event planning and ways of sidestepping around them.


Event organizers in Auckland should never allow poor planning to sour the eagerly awaited occasions. It is totally okay to worry about unprecedented occurrences as a great occasion approaches.  


1. Failure to account for enough space


Have you ever been to a ceremony where guests overflow outdoors since the space was too small? It is such a shame when it goes to the extent of instructing attendants to go outside when the crowd gets crammed. Every event venue for hire stipulates the maximum accommodation and it’s up to the event planners to counter check this occupancy with the anticipated headcount. It is advisable to hire a space that would offer extra accommodation even if the maximum turnout occurs. Bigger conference venues are ideal for unknown guest turnouts. The other safe option is to rent an outdoor space especially during warmer season when weather is conducive. Event organizers must mind the accommodation limits of function venues. If possible attendance tickets should be set to a certain limit so that the numbers remain more precise.


2. No contingency  plan


We all know that blunders happen and you are ever sure of what awaits an event until it ends. Having a back-up plan is a way of busting mishaps. Always anticipate the worst but hope for the best. This doesn’t mean that you are not confident in your plans; it shows you are always ready if some things fail. Consider a terrible surprise and think of a way to cover for it. Think about what you would do if the hired band doesn’t turn up. Do you have a laptop fully loaded with the right music? There must be contingency plans for any show cancellations. Compile a number of vendors as side-plans in case the hired vendors fail you. In other words, you must be in a position to redeem any pathetic occurrence. Plan B is a good technique for curbing panic modes during unraveling of situations. Make sure that you have alternatives for everything.


3. Changing a venue the last minute


Sometimes, a venue has to be shifted abruptly despite having made all arrangements and letting the guests know about the venue. Often, it happens as a result of unavoidable circumstances. Some reasons include closure of event venue for hire or if a venue was double-booked by mistake. These changes are detrimental especially if the planned occasion is around the corner. This is why event organizers need to have contingency plans regarding venues.


You now know the worst event planning mistakes. Try making a massive success by avoiding them as you seek the ideal venue for hire in Auckland.

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