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Name: David Weathersby

Location: Chicago, IL

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David Weathersby is a filmmaker/videographer and the founder of Sub Verse Studios. He is also the producer of City Vanguard, a documentary series. As a director and screenwriter, he has produced films, documentaries, concert DVDs, music videos and video art projects.  His past projects include the dramatic poetry film Natural Progression, Jazz artist Kafele‘s “Stone Crazy” music video, and Concert film for Chris Greene Quartet and William Kurk Enterprise. His work has been featured on WTTW and film festivals including Black Harvest Film Festival, Image Union Film Festival and The Chicago Short Comedy Film Festival.

He has also worked with a number of prominent organizations including, Chicago State University, South Side Community Art Center, The Ludacris Foundation, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, ELEV8 After School Program and Whitney Young High School.

His current project City Vanguard is a live music documentary series showcasing independent musicians of Chicago.  This TV pilot project will be a way to show the depth of the music and the stories behind the talent. Presently, the series is in pre production for the upcoming season as well as fundraising for future seasons. Previous and upcoming episodes can be found at www.cityvanguard.com . The series can be found on Twitter and Facebook under City Vanguard.  More of David Weathersby’s work can be found at www.subversestudios.com and Facebook under Sub Verse Studios and on Youtube under SVSprojects.

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